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Shipping documents in the process of operation

by:CNS     2020-05-20
Carrier for discharging documents: his agent received the manifest and cargo stowage plan, manifest after the ship's cargo entry formalities at the customs, and the arrival of the notice to the consignee, at the same time the above documents for port, tally, etc; After the ship reached port, tally company with manifest tally, by unloading cargo stowage plan instruction, when the goods occurs over short or original damage, prepare the goods over short list or damaged cargo list, after chief sign recognition, provide the relevant units. Cargo consignor by the shipper to the consignee extraction, several main shipping documents and the transfer procedure is as follows: 1, the shipping documents ( By the shipper to deal with) The shipper drawn up in duplicate, Including the consignment note, shipping order, receiving note, etc. ) , as a result of these three documents content is roughly same, so the merge them into a duplicate, a print is made. The consignment note: consignment note is also reserved a power of attorney, content with the shipper, name of vessel, port of destination, the name, marks and Numbers, number, weight, etc. Shipper with this one-way carrier's agent check, agent after accepting the carrier, will undertake to fill in the name of the ship in duplicate, consignment note, other LianTui shipper, with which the shipper or its agent to the customs offices for handling the export customs declaration formalities. Given permission by the customs, the customs stamp on the shipping order, the shipper or its agent with shipping to the port warehouse or direct shipment; Then send tally company outfit, receipt, after the ship reached port, with this shipment, every ticket goods are shipped, after the first mate retained the shipping orders, sign a receipt; Tally company return receipt to the shipper, the shipper with unidirectional agent for receiving the bill of lading, the shipper on the bill of lading by the bank for settlement of exchange, and send the consignee the bill of lading. Shipping order: namely the carrier to handle the shipping documents. Is the shipping company or its agent after accept the shipper apply for check, documents issued to the shipper or freight agent, agent of the carrier according to the shipping order fill the loading list and manifest, according to the requirements of the carrier and the cargo stowage plan according to loading list, after the ship reached port, signed for approval to the first mate, the ship left a, provide agent several copies of forward port of discharge agent of the carrier; Prepare the hatch list; Agent according to the actual situation of the shipment, the revision of manifest, after examined and signed by the chief officer, to the customs offices for handling the formalities of ship's departure; According to the cargo list drawn up freight list, sent to the port of discharge agent of the carrier and the ship company. 2. The discharging documents ( Be handled by the consignee) Is receiving note: after loading the goods, the ship is issued to the shipper, the chief officer said it had received the goods and have shipped the goods receipt. After receiving the original b/l, consignee to the carrier agent for bill of lading; Agent after issuance of bill of lading, you must keep the original bill of lading, manifest, and the content of bill of lading is consistent; The consignee on bill of lading to the customs offices for handling the formalities of customs, after taking the goods to the port warehouse or the boat. The goods after the qing dynasty, bill of lading retained port warehouse for future reference; Consignee paid in is less than the bill of lading or when the damage occurs to the goods, shall be for the goods over short list or damaged cargo list, and with a claim to the carrier by the agent.
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