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Shipping knowledge - — The single way ( Below) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-18
2018 - 07 - 10 15:05:00 ( 2) SEA WAYBILL SEA WAYBILL is the SEA WAYBILL ( 主客观) 。 Sea waybill of loaning way with electricity put no difference between, in essence is that release cargo by the consignee's company. Difference is the sea waybill if necessary can also be the original for the customer. But the original sea waybill is essentially worthless, because pick up the goods without any original and a copy of the original is enough, what's more the DARFT with white on the DRAFT ONLY” Words paint away can also pick up the goods, from which we can understand the ranges of the bill of lading and sea waybill. For the shipping company, the BILL of lading and sea waybill difference reflected in the manifest, just different BILL TYPE. If the ship company port of destination manifest BILL TYPE is received a BILL of lading, then shipment release by the original BILL of lading or electric put the goods, if the shipping company received the port of destination manifest BILL TYPE is sea waybill, you can put the goods by the consignee's identity. Sea waybill is a convenient way of shipment release, the cabinet of the goods is said to be shipped to Europe more than 60% are do sea waybill. But it's also a risky way of release cargo to ship company, because in the case of freight prepaid, freight haven't received the loading port this BianHai, the port of destination where the goods have been from the consignee. This could explain why some medium and small customers to ship company do SWB, has always been somebody else's nose. General shipping company to control the SWB is strict, what kind of what kind of clients to port with what kind of payment method can do SWB are clearly specified. The door to do business, who is willing to take risks? ( 3) In the single in the SWITCH's professional way of BILL, actually very common in international trade, but in daily work seemed to see Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, dubai and the European and American traders use more comfortable, is a rare domestic traders played, this from one side reflect the status of Chinese enterprises in international trade. In a single can simply summarized as three & throughout; And second & throughout; And throughout the &; 。 Tripartite trade, two copies of the bill of lading, a middleman. Tripartite trade - Suppliers, intermediaries, two copies of the bill of lading - actual buyers The first copy of the bill of lading shipper is supplier, the consignee is the middlemen; - The second copy of the bill of lading shipper is middlemen, the consignee is the actual buyer. A middleman - The whole process of middlemen in single manipulation; In single essence is a dealer for cut off the actual contact suppliers and buyers in the process of the bill of lading issued by trickery. Middlemen to pay after the payment for goods and freight, from suppliers to obtain the first set of bill of lading; Middlemen immediately find a shipping company to change the second set of bill of lading, change the location of the bill of lading with middlemen, can be a point of origin, the goods, also can be the third, anyway, are generally middlemen head look familiar places; The consignor of the bill of lading with middlemen, consignee into the real buyer. Who hold the bill of lading, who is right, he want to change is how to change, of course, is want to pay for the shipping company change single fee, about usd 50 or so. For the shipping company, in single really complicated to operate. Because involves different OFFICE on the same set of manifest change, combined with the cabinet to the port customs clearance time limits, was so difficult to handle, so she is basically a shrink away from the sufferer, see big head.
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