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Shipping surcharge type

by:CNS     2020-05-13
Due to the ship, cargo, port and other aspects of a variety of reasons, makes the ship when transport goods increased expenses or economic losses, the ship to compensate for these costs or losses, in addition to the basic rate, regulations are called surcharge (additional fees, 超重或补充) 。 Surcharge phyletic and various, and with the change of the in some cases, will cancel or develop new surcharge. The following are some of the common surcharge categories: 1, fuel surcharge, , the abbreviation is BAF Bunker Surcharge or Bunker Adjustment Factor) 2, currency depreciation surcharge ( 货币贬值附加费或币值调整因素,缩写是CAF) 3, the deviation surcharge ( 偏差附加费) 4, the Suez Canal surcharge ( 苏伊士运河超重) 5, transshipment surcharge ( 转船附加费) 6, direct surcharge ( 直接附加) 7, the port surcharge ( 港口超重) 8, port congestion surcharges, 港口拥塞超重) 9, overweight surcharge ( 重- 附加费) 10 and extend surcharge ( 额外的长度) 11, tank cleaning fee ( 清洁费用) 12, fumigation fee ( 熏蒸费) 13, frozen surcharge ( 冰附加费) 14, the choice of the unloading port surcharge ( 选择卸货港附加费) 15, change the unloading port surcharge ( 变更费用)
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