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Shipping the goods to choose forwarder skills

by:CNS     2020-05-22
Carriage of goods by sea is a major way of international transport, about 90% of the goods in international trade is transported in maritime transport manner. Carriage of goods by sea, not only including the formalities such as content, process and a series of documents and legal related parties involved and transport, freight forwarding is one side. In terms of freight forwarders, important to be able to identify all the formalities, shipping chimney to provide to the owner's good shipping service. As the owner of the goods, freight forwarders, as appropriate means to choose the familiar with the appropriate shipping and shipping business is suitable for the mode of transportation of trade contract, which can effectively carry out trade contract legal obligations, so as to protect themselves as the owner's rights and interests. Shrewd shipper will choose those reputable freight forwarders, the choice of forwarder usually consider the following factors: one, the freight must be familiar with shipping knowledge of geography. First of all, as an international freight forwarder, due to the ship in and out in different countries, so should be familiar with the geography and routes, the port location, transport and inland hub. Second, the forwarder also should understand the pattern of international trade and its development trend, the flow of goods, etc. , such as Western Europe and the United States, Canada, Japan and other industrialized countries with high, a large number of import raw materials from developing countries, and manufactured goods exports to these countries. Second, the freight forwarder should be familiar with different types of the mode of transportation of the suitability of the goods. There are 4 kinds of mode of transportation on the world shipping market: liner shipping, chartering transport, nvocc and intermodal transport. The characteristics of liner shipping order is fixed time, fixed route, port and fixed rate. Charter transportation is not regular, transport means do not set a fixed route and schedule, according to the shipping market supply and demand, can be engaged in the operation of the business on any routes, freight can be negotiated, suitable for in bulk carrier. Nvocc refers to engage in regular operation of the carrier, but do not own or operate for maritime transport ships, nvocc relative to actual identity is by the shipper to the carrier, but relative to the identity of the actual carrier and the shipper. For the owner or the shipper, to choose the right means of transportation, depends on whether the freight forwarding business in the following several aspects: regular sex of transportation services, such as the goods must be shipped in a fixed time should choose liner shipping; Transportation speed transportation cost, when the transportation time and transportation speed is not the shipper or owner of the goods considering the main factors, the freight would become one of the most important; The reliability of the transportation, the choice before you commit to ship by freight company to investigate its strength credibility, in order to reduce the possibility of maritime fraud and become victims; Operating and responsibility, on the surface of a enjoy ownership of the owner of the ship, and in fact he will ship mortgaged to the bank, and become the operator by the management contract with the bank. This will give the future freight dispute to the court when the owner's interests have a negative impact. Three, the freight forwarder should know the different types of vessels to the owner the suitability of the goods. As the freight agent, must understand the ship characteristics, such as the ship registration and and tonnage, gross register ( GRT) , net register ( NRT) , bulk pits, packaging pits, total deadweight tonnage ( DWT) Knowledge, load line, classification, etc. Better freight forwarders should also be aware of several kinds of ship type, such as shipping, ship, bulk carrier, container ships, half tray ro-ro and full container ship, etc. The third generation of container ship is 2000 - 3000 teu container capacity, can through the panama canal, so it is also called the panamax vessels. The fourth generation and has a larger container ships, not suitable for through the canal, often referred to as the super type of ship. Four, the first-class freight forwarder should be familiar with shipping regulations. Besides should understand 'Hague rules', 'weiss than rules', 'Hamburg rules > outside, should also be appropriate to understand exporter of goods shipping regulations of the state or the port of destination, port operation habit, etc. Five, the first-class freight forwarder should be familiar with the document for carriage of goods by sea, and make sure that the base to make timely, clear and correct. The main shipping documents including bill of lading and sea waybill, manifest, invoice, bill of lading, packing list, dock receipt, mate's receipt, etc. Six, better freight forwarder should know the customs formalities and port operations processes. In the import and export trade, customs clearance is a traditional function of freight forwarders. In freight forwarding and customs authorities and its dual relationship, customer legal straight on freight forwarders, regulations vary from country to country, but the customs agent is usually authorized by the government. The customer ( Is the identity of the owner's 0 forwarder should be considered as the customs agent, in the course of their duties, whether have the ability to protect the customer and the customs authorities on both sides responsibility. Freight forwarders have to departure procedures, bonded storage and inland customs clearance agent, port program operation ability is very important. In addition, the freight forwarder can offer a lower freight rate it is also an important factor to consider, freight forwarders mainly closely associated with liner rates. Of course, on the investigation to the freight forwarder, also should pay attention to credit, and other factors. The operations of the first-class freight forwarders for the owner to complete a trade contract is very important.
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