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by:CNS     2021-04-05
Those things about sea transportation... :2018-09-05 09:33:00 Shipping Sea transportation is an important mode of international trade. It has the characteristics of large volume, low freight, and developed routes. Shipping trade is even more important in the world. More than two-thirds of the trade volume. China is a large shipping country, and about 90% of China's import and export trade relies on maritime transportation. Although the shipping industry suffered heavy losses from the sharp turnaround in 2008, the shipping industry is still strong. Nowadays, with the large-scale development of the Internet and the prosperity of cross-border e-commerce, the meaning of maritime transport is extended, and it is expected to develop into a door-to-door, sea-land integrated transportation industry. What is the basic process of shipping? There are nine general procedures for shipping. 1. Consignment folding 1. The shipper provides: (1) box type (2) box volume (3) destination port (4) shipping time (5) cargo name (US line, product name must be reported) after the customer receives the shipping price, If entrusting packing, the freight company will ask the owner of the packing method as follows: (1) Packing at the factory (the shipper provides the factory address) (2) Warehouse packing (the freight company provides the shipper with the warehouse address) and finally , The freight company asks the shipper for customs declaration information. 2. The booking and folding freight company provides the shipping company and the shipping company to determine the price of the cargo, and book the space to the shipping company. After receiving the booking, the shipping company informs the ship's name, schedule and bill of lading number. 3. Folding the container 1. The freight company will inform the warehouse of the name of the ship and the number of the bill of lading. Go to the shipping company's container yard to pick up the box with the letter of introduction and make the box after the owner delivers it. 2. After the shipping company picks up the box, the box will be made according to the factory address provided by the shipper. 4. Customs declaration After loading the container into the port, declare the customs; the shipping company will load the container on the ship. 5. The unloading company unloads the container onto the dock. Then six, notify the delivery company to notify the delivery person to pick up the goods. 7. Customs clearance and consignees have special requirements in the customs clearance process when clearing the entry and exit of cross-border e-commerce products to the customs. Border defense and customs have time and quantity restrictions on the scale of customs clearance of each express company. As a growing cross-border e-commerce market, the timeliness of customs clearance is particularly important for user experience, and may even affect the development trend of cross-border e-commerce. In order to obtain the greatest benefits, many cross-border e-commerce companies generally do not choose to take over all the contents of the process. They need to choose a freight forwarding company with strong customs clearance capabilities. Freight forwarding companies with considerable qualifications and strength generally have certain certificates, such as the United States DOT. In 2011, Topway Tianhai International Logistics Co., Ltd. applied for and successfully obtained the DOT qualification issued by the United States Department of Transportation. This makes this logistics company one of the very few logistics companies in South China and even in China that has this qualification, which greatly improves the efficiency of import customs clearance at destination ports in the United States. 8. Change orders The carrier changes the bill of lading to a bill of lading. 9. Ocean Freight has a relatively long shipping time limit. Generally, the ocean freight is calculated according to KG. (CBM stands for cubic metres).
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