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Some advice for the hub construction problem

by:CNS     2020-08-04
Some advice for aviation hub construction problems at present, throughout the country set up the enthusiasm of the hub to an all-time high, and is eager to some airports in the region as a hub airport. Different levels, different types of construction of aviation hub, is China's air transport development to a certain stage the inevitable result. Air freight is for high quality civil aviation development and construction of powerful country of civil aviation. In order to promote the construction of aviation hub to the healthy and orderly, avoid blind chaos, strengthen the pertinence and scientific, reducing winding construction detour. We should explore the connotation of the hub. Type and function, and the basic conditions of forming aviation hub. Basic problems, such as government, hub airports and airline companies in the construction of the responsibility. In this paper, we discuss about these rough problems. The current understanding of aviation hub, civil aviation have several typical point of view. A view that has a large airport is the hub airport passenger and cargo business. Another view is that hub is to reach a certain amount of airport transit passengers or goods. Some of them think that the proportion of transit passengers not less than 30%, some people think of not less than 40%. About 45%. Another view is that in the air transport network hub, often referred to as an important transit function and organization of large airports. In the plan as a whole under the background of comprehensive transport hub, the volume of freight cannot simply emphasizes the function of air transport. For aviation hub, it is not necessary condition. From this perspective, for the hub, people emphasize different priorities. Some emphasis on the size of the airport throughput, some stress transfer quantity and proportion, while others think that cannot be simply emphasize air transit function. This is the place where people define hub differences. The author thinks that hub must be measured from the passenger and cargo throughput and definition, but can not ignore the transit factors, including the domestic to the transfer of domestic, domestic to the international transfer, the transfer of international to domestic, international to the international transfer. Without a certain amount, a certain proportion of transit passengers, cargo and mail, it is difficult to call the hub airport, there is only one & other; Destination airport & throughout; 。 Even in today's increasingly integrated transport system and multimodal transport, railways, roads and other transport way also provides a transit passenger hub or similar to the source of the feeder airline. So in the formation of the hub and operation plays an important role. Air transport is still important, especially for international aviation hub. Because the airport must become the global hub of global influence, so in most cases, it is difficult to supply by multimodal transport to complement its passengers. In defining hub, therefore, it is necessary to emphasize transfer factor.
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