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Some detailed introductions about the fumigation of wooden packaging (Part 1) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-13
Some detailed introductions on the fumigation of wooden packaging (Part 1): 2018-08-08 15:35:00 In the process of exporting goods, if the packaging used is wood, it generally needs to be fumigated before export. So, what exactly does fumigation do? How does it work? Presumably, many small partners who are not often engaged in this business do not know very well. Today, the editor will answer questions for exporters in this part. , For everyone to explain some related knowledge of wood packaging fumigation. 1. Why is wood packaging fumigation necessary? In international trade, in order to protect their own resources, each country will impose a mandatory quarantine system on some imported goods. The fumigation of wooden packaging is to prevent some diseases and insects from harming the forest resources of the importing country. Therefore, all the export goods that contain wooden packaging that are exported from my country must be treated with specific pest control before shipment. , That is, fumigating the packaging. 2. What are the main scopes of fumigation of wooden packaging? The scope of fumigation is mainly all wooden packaging, which generally refers to materials used for packaging, bedding, supporting, and strengthening goods. For example, wooden crates, wooden crates, wooden pallets, dunnage wood, wooden barrels, wooden cushions, sleepers, wooden lining boards, wooden shafts, wooden wood and so on. As long as it is a log, it must be fumigated and marked with the IPPC logo. The IPPC mark is the international standard for quarantine measures for wooden packaging. Internationally, this mark is generally used to identify whether wooden packaging has met specific export requirements. If this mark is printed, it means that the target packaging has passed the IPPC quarantine standard. In addition, if the wood packaging is exported to the United States and Canada, an official fumigation (disinfection) certificate is also required.
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