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Some detailed introductions about the fumigation of wooden packaging (part 2) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-13
Some detailed introductions about the fumigation of wood packaging (below): 2018-08-09 16:13:00 3. What are the methods of fumigating wood packaging? In export work, the main methods of fumigation are the use of drugs and heat treatment. When drugs are used for fumigation, there are usually two types of drugs: methyl bromide and ethylene oxide. The specific fumigation methods are as follows: 1. Stack the goods to be fumigated neatly, and cover them with a thatch cloth, and press the four sides firmly to make the entire environment in a sealed state, but leave a corner for the medicine. 2. Put a basin of clean water next to the goods under the tarpaulin, and put the medicine into the water. 3. Compact the reserved dosing port so that the goods to be fumigated are completely sealed and kept for 24 hours. 4. Open the tarpaulin for ventilation, wait for about 18-24 hours, and wait until the poisonous gas is exhausted before moving the goods. 5. Label the goods with the IPPC logo and issue a fumigation (disinfection) certificate if necessary. The above is the introduction of some basic contents about wood packaging fumigation. Before working, exporters should understand these contents in detail, so as to reduce the possibility of unnecessary problems during the export of goods.
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