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spacex cargo ship reaches space station after two-day chase

by:CNS     2019-11-17
On Monday, a SpaceX Dragon cargo ship caught up with the International Space Station and then aboard the Canadian astronaut David St-
Jacques, the robot arm that operates the lab, is locked on board with twoday rendezvous.
\"Well done, well captured,\" a flight controller from the Johnson Space Center in Houston radio.
\"The way to make it look easy.
\"For all the teams around the world, we welcome to the Longfei Boat International Space Station,\" St. Answer Jacques.
\"Two days ago, the Dragon left Cape Canaveral and came to the International Space Station for more than 2,500 kilograms (5,500 pounds)
Supplies and scientific equipment for institutions and companies around the world.
\"Earlier on Monday, a SpaceX Dragon cargo ship flew to the International Space Station for the second time, captured by the lab\'s robotic arm, bringing about 5,500 pounds of the equipment and supplies to the lab.
NASA and Dragon safety in hand, flight controllers at the Johnson Space Center in Houston plan to take over and operate Canada-
A space crane built by remote control pulls the dragon in and moored on Earth
The port facing the Harmony module in front of the station.
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Just 12 a day-year-
\"As a Canadian, I am proud to capture every time we use Canadarm2.
There is not always a Canadian crew on the international space station, but to some extent, Canadian engineers and technicians who build and support Canadarm2 are always on board, at least mentally, if not physically.
Their ingenuity. . .
It\'s the inspiration for all of us.
\"This is the second visit to the space station, and the reusable Dragon cabin is filled with food, clothes and personal items, spare parts for the crew, computer equipment and 1,600 pounds scientific equipment and research materials.
Another 2,128 pounds of the hardware is installed in the unpressurized trunk section of the ship, including a precision instrument that will be installed on the outer deck of the Japanese Kibo laboratory module for monitoring the carbon dioxide content in the Earth\'s atmosphere.
The dragon is the third cargo ship to be launched to the space station so far this year, following Russia\'s arrival at the lab in April 4. On April 19, a Northrop Grumman Swan was connected to the central unified cabin.
Another SpaceX Dragon is scheduled for the next shipment in July.
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