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spacex dragon cargo ship reaches international space station

by:CNS     2019-11-16
Two ends-
On Saturday, a Dragon cargo ship caught up with the international space station and brought 5,000 pounds of the equipment and supplies to the outpost, including a new docking mechanism, the mechanism will provide a second port for commercial crew ships built by Boeing and SpaceX.
Sailing 260 miles to the southern tip of South America, the unmanned Dragon stops at about 30 feet of the lab building and then operates the space station\'s Canada-
Fix the robot arm on the grip device.
The robot arm of the International Space Station captured a SpaceX Dragon cargo ship carrying 5,000 pounds supplies and equipment.
The unmanned capsule was launched on Thursday at Cape Canaveral, carrying the Falcon 9 rocket.
NASA flight controllers at the Johnson Space Center in Houston subsequently took over arm operations, remotely controlling the space crane to pull the dragon in and moored on Earth in the harmony cabinfacing port.
The hatch is expected to open on Sunday, but astronauts can open the hatch according to their weekend schedule.
Trend News black holes may have swallowed up neutron stars, causing ripples in space walking. Russian rocket test flight the black hole in our galaxy suddenly flashed a bright light rocket, launching a GPS satellite into orbit for the Air Force launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base on Thursday. The dragon has 1,600 pounds scientific gear and equipment, 830 pounds spare parts and other station parts, 600 pounds crew supplies and another 440 pounds space walking equipment, including refurbished set parts.
The 1,170-pound docking adapter is carried to the track mounted on the part of the Dragon\'s unpressurized trunk.
It will be removed later by the robot arm of the space station and connected to the upper port of the Harmony module during the next month\'s spacewalk.
The robot arm of the space station crossed the Libyan coast, crossed the Mediterranean Sea, and pulled the SpaceX Dragon cargo ship in and parked to package one or two-day rendezvous.
NASA has completed its capture of the Dragon, and engineers and technicians at the Kazakh Baikonur space center will set out to prepare a Russian progressive cargo ship, which will be launched on Wednesday, bringing in two more.
Supply 7 tons of supplies to the station.
Start MS of progress-
It is planned to launch a 12/73P spacecraft at 8: 10. m. EDT Wednesday (6:10 p. m. local time)
When the Russian Pirs module is docked, it is expected to have only two tracks at 11: 35 a. m. m.
This progress is loaded with 2,611 pounds of dry goods, nearly 1,000 pounds of water, 164 pounds of propellant and 110 pounds of oxygen.
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