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Spain and France international air transportation provider successfully solve the problem of cross-border projects

by:CNS     2020-07-11
Spain and France international air transportation provider success project to solve the problem of cross-border SESAR ( The government and social capital and co-operation in Europe of a single European sky implementation plan) 、EN AIRE ( The Spanish international air freight provider) And DSNA ( Air France service providers) Successfully demonstrated the project to solve the problem of cross-border, so that they can better coordinate air traffic between France and Spain, and helps to reduce the delay of the air traffic flow management. Bordeaux and Madrid area control center of air traffic controllers is involved in the project, as a cooperative network management project ( 不合格品, PJ) Part of it. 24) And Iberia, Spain express company, noth, airline and Mr Barrow, the airline's staff. During 2017 and 2018, the project tested collaboration senior partner program ( 帽) Used to short-term storage capacity and air traffic management measures, 斯塔姆) Limit the ATFM, and help improve the efficiency of synchronization with network manager. The local network performance solution allows local traffic management and international air freight company provide track alternative options for short-term flight plan, to balance the congestion. This solution is the integral part of the solution, used to balance the demand and capacity. This solution will help better distribution across departments flow, and improve network prediction ability. For example, last summer, AT potential delays in the FCM in a single flow can reduce the 4111 minutes. It also improves the control center of situational awareness and communication with the airlines, while reducing the traffic manager to monitor, analyze, coordinate and implement measures the time required. These activities for more standardization and paved the way for a wider range of cross-border cooperation process, in these processes, network managers can provide B2B service support line.
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