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Special item storage and storage safety management

by:CNS     2021-07-11
Special item storage and storage safety management 2021-06-20 08:21:55 The storage management of drugs, generally including the acceptance of drugs in the warehouse, storage in the warehouse, drug maintenance, printing of orders, picking out of the warehouse, and review of drug consolidation , Batch number adjustment and other major operations. Due to the special nature of drugs and the country's strict control of drug batch numbers, and the large number of small and small receipts in sales orders in the pharmaceutical distribution industry, the storage management of drugs not only requires meticulous operations, but also requires a higher level of information system support. For vaccines, human albumin and other refrigerated products, odorous drugs, dangerous drugs, and psychotropic drugs, special personnel are required to issue invoices, special personnel for storage and delivery review. Generally speaking, the overall quality of warehouse employees in the pharmaceutical distribution industry should be relatively high. For pharmaceutical distribution companies, there are a total of 132 inspection items related to GSP certification, of which 37 are key items. The GSP standard puts forward specific and clear requirements for warehouse area, equipment and facilities, management system, etc. For enterprises that fail the GSP inspection, the state adopts a one-vote veto system and is not allowed to enter the pharmaceutical industry. For example, in terms of hardware, the GSP standard requires that 'enterprises should set up corresponding warehouses according to their business scale, and their area (building area) should not be less than 1,500 square meters for large enterprises, not less than 1,000 square meters for medium-sized enterprises, and small businesses should not be less than 1,000 square meters. Less than 500 square meters; the company has warehouses suitable for classified storage of medicines and meeting the requirements of medicine storage. The room temperature warehouse is 0~30℃; the temperature of the cool warehouse is not higher than 20℃; the temperature of the cold storage is 0-10℃; the relative humidity of each warehouse Should be kept at 45%~75%'. For the storage management of drugs, what factors need to be specially considered? Special item storage management is mainly for items that may undergo quality changes due to their performance characteristics and external factors during storage. Guangzhou Logistics uses technical organizational measures to carry out effective maintenance and maintenance. A series of warehouse management measures and activities to maintain its use value and value. The quality changes of special items during storage can be classified into two types: physical changes and chemical changes. Physical changes only change the appearance of the material, not the essence of the material, and no new material is generated. It may be repeated, and it is often manifested as the loss of quantity or quality of storage items. The physical changes that often occur include volatilization, melting, leakage, odor, precipitation, contamination, crushing, and deformation. Chemical changes not only change the appearance of matter, but also change the nature of matter and generate new substances. The chemical change of the article will completely lose its use value in severe cases. Common chemical changes include oxidation, decomposition, compounding, aging, polymerization and so on. By studying the quality changes of special items in the storage process, you can be familiar with the rules and influencing factors of the quality changes of the items, and then ensure the safety of the stored items, prevent and reduce the deterioration or loss of the items.
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