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Specific purpose classification of warehousing

by:CNS     2021-07-17
The specific purpose of warehousing is classified 2021-06-20 20:14:071. Production warehousing contract The production warehousing contract is for the warehousing behavior that occurs during the production process, and its purpose is to ensure the uninterrupted progress of industrial and agricultural production. The fertilizer is kept in the contract with the custodian. 2. Circulation warehousing contract The warehousing behavior that occurs in the circulation process, because its purpose is to enter the field of circulation and consumption, so the warehousing contract should be a circulation storage contract. 3. The state reserve contract The state reserves the material because of its huge social responsibility. In order to prevent the occurrence of natural disasters, social unrest and other accidents and the special needs of the people's economic life, the state reserves the behavior, so the storage contract concluded It should belong to the state storage and various warehousing contracts.
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