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Specify the cargo operation process

by:CNS     2020-05-04
The specified goods refers to the forwarder designated by the foreign buyers, arranged by the forwarder responsible for the transport of goods. Usually refers to the FOB, EXW goods such as freight collect, The freight shall be borne by the foreign buyers of goods) 。 Specify the cargo operation process first of all, is by the forwarder designated by the buyer ( Hereinafter referred to as the foreign agent) Email or by other contact way to contact the domestic companies or partners, inform the shipper's contact information. Second, domestic freight forwarders, after receipt of the shipper's contact information to contact shipper to ask the goods, and send email or by other means told foreign agent. As the goods have been good, but will expect shipment information to inform the other party and ask whether can arrange shipment. Such as using the foreign agent booking about number, but also to charge the booking number, about good is submitted to the shipping company. Need special attention is that the specified goods is listening to the consignee's instruction, rather than listen to consignor, consignor when there is any do not conform to the requirements of the conventional, must inform the agent abroad, in foreign agents permission can be arranged, if can't accept the requirements of the shipper. Especially when you operate the consignor of the goods for the first time, more attention should be paid. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble. When seeking permission from the foreign agent instruction, can arrange booking the trailer customs declaration, etc. Often period, of course, the stability of the goods can be shipment booking while told each other voyage information. Issued at the same time, need to ask each other, what format HBL, generally speaking, would be overseas agent to provide HBL. Arrange the goods during the shipment, if you have any cargo status updates and what kind of problems, must be timely communication with foreign agent. After loading the goods shipment, after the bill of lading issued by what is need to ask overseas agent handlingcharge, then along with the MBL, HBL, PSS ( profitsharesheet) And other customs clearance documents ( Such as agent ask you to) Sent to the foreign agent. In addition, due to the same country may have multiple agent cooperation, the goods between different agents do not confusing, so as to avoid unnecessary embarrassment. Branch if they own the company in the country, nor will branch information disclosed to overseas agent, this will let foreign agents feel you are in competition with him, affect the future cooperation. Refers to the promotional meeting what risk due to the forwarder to the consignee or consignor of the bill of lading is issued by HBL ( Forwarder bill of lading) Rather than the MBL ( Ship company bill of lading) And the HBL is not really achieve the purpose of control right of cargo, so will cause the foreign agent 'shipment release without collection bill of lading', namely foreign agents in the case of no HBL, with its own the MBL after taking the goods from the shipping company to the consignee, consignor payment caused by two empty. Now, of course, the situation of the shipment release without collection bill of lading has been very little. But when the exporters and importers cooperation for the first time, still need to pay attention to this problem. Should try to urged the consignee payment as soon as possible.
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