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Speed u200bu200bup the process of logistics informatization and standardization

by:CNS     2021-07-15
Speed u200bu200bup the process of logistics informatization and standardization 2021-06-20 12:41:21 Informatization and standardization are important signs of modern logistics, and also an important guarantee for the Guangzhou-Taiyuan freight company to achieve efficient, fast, and high value-added logistics. At the same time, the low degree of informatization and standardization is also the main bottleneck restricting the improvement of my country's logistics management level and the development of the logistics industry. Therefore, accelerating the construction of logistics informatization and standardization, and improving the degree and level of logistics informatization and standardization are important ways to promote the healthy development of my country's logistics industry. The construction of logistics informatization mainly includes two levels: one is the construction of national or regional logistics information platform; the other is the construction of enterprise logistics information management system. The construction of national or regional logistics information platforms is mainly done by the central government or local governments. To this end, governments at all levels should incorporate the construction of logistics information platforms into the country and an important part of the economic informatization construction of various regions, and build open, compatible, efficient, safe, and applicable logistics information platforms, and follow the development of economy and logistics. The platform is constantly adjusted and improved. The construction of enterprise logistics information management system is mainly done by the enterprise itself. In recent years, with the increasingly fierce market competition, more and more companies have begun to attach importance to logistics and begin to establish their own logistics information systems. However, judging from the current actual situation, most enterprises are still in the initial stage of logistics informationization, and the functions and effects of logistics information system have not yet fully manifested. From the perspective of future development, the role of logistics information systems in logistics management and even the entire business management will become more prominent. Therefore, whether it is a production company, a circulation company or a professional logistics company, it is necessary to survive and develop in the fierce market competition. It is necessary to make greater efforts in logistics information to establish an efficient, safe and adaptable logistics information system. Logistics standardization mainly includes the standardization of logistics tools and equipment, cargo packaging specifications, logistics information transmission (language and equipment), and logistics operations and services. In the process of promoting logistics standardization, the government and industry associations will play an important role. Specifically, the main responsibility of the government is to formulate laws and regulations related to logistics standardization, formulate policies to promote logistics standardization, unify various logistics standards with strong publicity and great influence, and enforce them; the main responsibilities of the logistics industry association are Formulate logistics operation and service standards, and actively cooperate with the government to implement various logistics standards. Of course, the enterprise is the ultimate implementer of logistics standardization and the beneficiary of standardization. Therefore, from the perspective of the enterprise, it should establish and strengthen the awareness of logistics standardization. The Guangzhou-Guiyang freight company regards logistics standardization as improving the efficiency of logistics operations. It is an important way of logistics service level to become a conscious executor of logistics standardization.
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