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Tactics of freight forwarders to control bad debts

by:CNS     2021-07-07
The tactics of freight forwarders to control bad debts 2021-06-20 22:48:36 The most afraid of bad debts as freight forwarders, a bad ticket, at least 20 votes are for nothing. Therefore, in many cases, they would rather not do it than pick up the goods. Generally speaking, if you leave for the first time, you have to pay for it. (l) If you take the freezer/fresh goods, you must also pay. Because this kind of goods is easy to break, once something goes wrong; it is worthless. If you are a stranger, it is very likely that the goods will not be sold, and you will not even have the opportunity to auction. (2) If you take the counterfeit goods, you must also pay. This kind of cargo is usually prone to problems in the customs at the port of departure and port of destination, and the risk is too great, and people will not find it at that time. (3) If the customer asks you to buy the customs declaration documents, that is, you do not need to issue the verification form yourself, you must also pay, otherwise, you will not even have the card. (4) If the customer provides the verification form by himself, you must clearly know whether there is a tripartite trade. Or the customer bought the verification form. If the heading on the verification form is obviously inconsistent with the shipper, you must be very cautious. You can check the customer’s company information on the Internet and confirm again. (5) If there is no problem with the above, if the ocean freight is very high, it may be greater than the amount of the tax refund, you must also be cautious. This is easy to calculate from the invoice, and some customers will rely on the freight. (6) The volume of some customers is very stable, and they suddenly produce large goods without any warning. You must also be cautious. There have been cases where customers suddenly went bankrupt and changed their heads and depended on freight. (7) When importing and exporting large quantities of junk goods, you must be careful. The value of this kind of goods is low. If you go offshore, it will be too risky for freight forwarding. (8) Some colleagues suddenly ordered a large quantity from you, and you must be careful. They sell it to others at a very low price, get the freight, and leave. (9) Cargo by air should be more careful, the price is high, and even the bill of lading cannot be stuck. If you have no experience, don't touch large cargo easily. (10 For dangerous goods, all documents must be complete, including official seals and MSDS, and all necessary documents must be signed and archived. Do not deliberately conceal the shipping company or airline. If something goes wrong, the customer will shake your hand and you will die.
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