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Take you know air express five mode of transportation

by:CNS     2020-08-03
Show you know the five kinds of air express transportation mode in the life of people daily life, the most common form of six air express shipping method is: the plane flights, charter flights carrying price, centralized dispatch, hauling, airlines to pay transport and shipping containers that 6. In one of the most common and most are very easy to understand, is chartered flights transport and transport price. Here we look at the air express freight actual operation method: transport aircraft flights, charter flights price, centralized hauling method; Urgent transport, air express company to pay method, represent what mean and practical way. 1. Flight is on time shipment, channel, set the starting station, station and purpose station of the airport. The larger characteristic is to be able to accurately grasp of departure and arrival time. It is the air freight logistics market began to see the air express shipping method. 2. Charter transport price is refers to the carrier or the agent price, according to each other prior to discuss with people rent machine standards and the interest rate the entire frame at the airport or sublet part positions to charter price ( Tank) People, from one or several air station of departure to specific arrive station. In general, the charter price ( Tank) Transport more flights to be low, but smaller events category. When the air express cargo sales market development trend to a certain link, the total number of air express freight do after a certain scale of operation, chartered transport price becomes more common in people at ordinary times the shipping method. 3. Centralized hauling method is refers to goods carrier of multiple independent shipment sporadic form a whole batch of goods, the centralized hauling method to the international airlines. Fill out a total bills of lading sent to the same flight number query, again by the air transport company commissions on the local client to pickup and points to specific addressee. Larger features of this kind of method is able to fight to get than sporadic haulage as low price, and reduce the shipper apply for hauling multifarious autonomous. 4. Airlines express shipping air express. This kind of method is very suitable sought-after items, medical machinery, personal belongings, engineering drawing materials and important parts, sample, small items such as convenient transport, declaration documents must be into the fast pace of modern society. Especially the international business contract of sales market sales market of antiquities, rescue emergency items, such as increasingly eager to express delivery requirement. 5. To pay method, and the shipper is caused by the sender or the owner agreed in advance, by the shipper of goods in transit to stand in the recipient in addition, a deduction on the air waybill or the owner undertakes to people account the purchase price of goods, then send it to the sender, or the owner is the generation of credit business process. And the airline transportation, stating use values and all service, by the sender advance payment, can also be used by the recipient in a station of the payment. In modern aviation is relatively developed today, is critical to pay also become a kind of method of aerospace parts.
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