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Take you know air freight one mode of transportation of multimodal transport

by:CNS     2020-08-03
Belt you know air freight one mode of transportation of multimodal transport in the traditional sense, the air is believed to be the fastest mode of transportation, transport by sea is the most slow mode of transportation. The target customer is not easy to overlap, the feasibility of air transport is very small. But in fact, air and sea transport was at full blast. Air freight company is the main form of air transport the goods are to be shipped to international transshipment port first, close to the airport by truck transportation to port and then flown to our destination. Air sea transport with air fast, strong timeliness, HaiYunLiang is big, the characteristics of low cost. For different traffic volume and the organic combination of different quantity of the goods. Shorter than the shipping on time, on the freight is lower than air, improve the timeliness. The main air transport line including China main port, the ship transport to the united Arab emirates dubai, through dubai international airport international flights transportation to Africa; China's main port, the ship transport to incheon, South Korea. The incheon international airport international flights to Europe or the United States; China main port via ship to Miami, Los Angeles, USA or by flight to central and South America; Major foreign port via ship transportation to main ports in China, near the hub airport distribution to domestic other destinations in China. In China's air transport products via dubai transfer to Africa, for example, the entire shipping to Africa needs 25 days ~ 42 days, and only 15 ~ 20 days to sea-air freight, shrink the short time nearly half. In recent years, with the rapid development of diversification of trade and cross-border e-commerce, such as the rapid development of the new form of trade. Overseas warehouse, bonded stock trade regulatory mode has appeared, such as large-scale, long-distance international carriage of goods by sea, with small batch, close the air transportation and sea transportation form is more and more be favorred. At the same time, the sea transport can solve the problem of air transport tension peak season. Can be solved during the period of delay in delivery transport time is too long or high cost of air freight. When the port is not stable or insecure, can solve the transportation of the goods. Problems at present, the combination of air and sea transport products are usually by has the qualifications of sea and air freight forwarding company. Freight forwarding route according to the customer, time limit and cost to provide air and sea. After booking service agreement, they retain sea and air transportation and provide air and sea transport services. 。 Typically, gross weight more than 500 kilograms of cargo for air and sea; No more than 500 kilograms of the air and sea and airfreight prices were similar, most choose air freight. Sea and air transport of different loading equipment standards. In the sea and maritime transport, it is necessary to change the flight segment assembly equipment, to some extent this extended the sea and maritime transport time. In addition, the convenience of customs clearance, transport capacity and the connection of the cabin factors will affect the efficiency of the air and sea combined transport.
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