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Technical and economic characteristics of air transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-08
The technical and economic characteristics of air transportation 2021-06-20 14:23:18 Air transportation is a modern mode of transportation. Compared with ocean transportation and railway transportation, it has the following characteristics. 1) Advantages of air transportation (1) Fast operation speed. This is the biggest advantage of air transportation. The cruise speed of modern jet airliners is 800~900km/h, which is 5~10 times faster than cars and trains, and 20~30 times faster than ships. The longer the distance, the more time can be saved by air transportation, and the faster the characteristic is. (2) High security. In the early days of the birth of air transportation, safety was low. With the advancement of technology, the safety of air transportation has been greatly improved. Although the severity of safety accidents in air transportation is the most serious, it is based on the unit passenger turnover or the death rate per unit of flight time. Measured, the safety of air transportation is very high. (3) The effectiveness is strong. The high time value of air transportation makes air transportation show unique economic value, and its market share in various transportation modes will show an upward trend. 2) Insufficiency of air transportation (1) High transportation cost and freight rate. From an economic point of view, the cost and freight rate of air transportation are higher than that of railway, highway and water transportation. It is a relatively expensive mode of transportation, so it occupies a relatively small market share in various modes of transportation. (2) Restricted by climatic conditions. Due to the high requirements of flight conditions, air transportation is restricted to a certain extent by climatic conditions, which affects its normality and punctuality. (3) Poor accessibility. It is difficult for air transportation to realize door-to-door transportation services, and it needs to rely on other transportation means to transfer. 3) The scope of application of air transportation. Air transportation is more suitable for long-distance, international and even intercontinental passenger transportation of more than 500km; suitable for the transportation of timeliness, fresh and perishable, and high-value or urgent materials; postal transportation; multimodal transportation.
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