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Technical and economic characteristics of road transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-15
The technical and economic characteristics of road transportation 2021-06-20 22:18:10 Automobile has now become the main vehicle of road transportation, so modern road transportation mainly refers to automobile transportation. The following introduces the main characteristics of road transportation and its scope of application from the perspective of road transportation technology and economy. 1) Advantages of road transportation (1) Fast delivery speed. The field of automobile transportation activities is large. It can not only run along the road network, but also deepen factories, mines, stations, docks, rural areas, urban streets and residential areas. This feature is unmatched by any other means of transportation, so automobile transportation It has obvious advantages in delivery speed and directness. (2) Flexible and convenient. Automobile transportation can not only organize transportation in its own way, but also can be used as a connection transportation with other transportation methods. At present, with the development of transportation network and the improvement of transportation organization and management level of Guangzhou-Nantong logistics company, many trunk lines have basically realized that they can go with them according to the needs of cargo owners; and the range of vehicle load capacity is wide, which has a great impact on the size of passenger and cargo batches. Strong adaptability. (3) Ordinary highways require less investment, and the materials and technology for highway construction are relatively easy to solve, and they are easy to develop in the whole society. It can be said that it is the biggest advantage of highway transportation. In addition, automobile transportation operators are easy to train; a small amount of cargo is less freight in short-distance transportation; it is also the most effective transportation method for emergency rescue, disaster relief and wartime. 2) Insufficiency of road transportation. The main problems are high unit transportation cost and poor continuity of operation; transportation capacity is small compared with train transportation; fuel consumption is large, and environmental pollution is more serious than other transportation methods; passenger transportation is less comfortable ; The incidence of traffic accidents is relatively high. 3) The scope of application of automobile transportation based on the above characteristics, road transportation is more suitable for transporting short-distance passengers and goods in inland areas. It can be combined with railways and waterways to transport passengers and materials for railways and ports; Guangzhou to Wuhu logistics company can transport passengers and goods in mountainous areas and remote rural areas; and engage in trunk transportation in areas far away from railways. In recent years, due to the gradual construction of the highway network, automobile transportation will gradually form a pattern from short-distance transportation to short-distance, mid-distance and long-distance transportation.
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