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Technology and equipment for the role of the 'air express'

by:CNS     2020-08-02
Technology and equipment for 'air express' the role of the technology and equipment for & other; Air express & throughout; Role, mainly including air route, airports, aircraft navigation and communication facilities, etc. Route is established based on the ground navigation facility corridor type protected airspace, is the area of an airline. The draw is straight to the centerline of the connect the ground navigation facility within the scope of the route specified ceiling height, the lower the height and width. Air transportation company for the significance of the development of national economy and promote the international communication, most countries are very attaches great importance to the development of air transport business. The government set up specialized agencies to manage, such as Civil Aviation Administration of China, the us federal aviation administration, the former Soviet union for civil aviation. Air transport companies have more than one flight every day, early, late shift, middle shift, welcome customer calls necessary air express query on the day of the flights and prices.
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