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Tell you by air freight is according to what charge

by:CNS     2020-08-16
Tell you what charge air freight is according to the rapid development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, so in everyone's economic condition is very good, a lot of people like to go out to play, so many people on the plane, but also by plane to mail things, but you know about the plane of the air freight is? Although all of this contact less, but there are some relevant knowledge reserves or good. A, domestic air cargo rates category 1. General goods freight is a. Root rate ( Code N) Civil Aviation Administration of China goods at freight rate consistent rules in each segment, root rate for general goods freight under 45 kg, amount to Angle for the unit. b。 Weight cut-off rate ( Code Q) Domestic aviation goods transport to set up more than 45 kg, 100 kg, 300 kg category 3 weight cut-off point and freight. 2. Emergency goods, biological products, rare plants and plant products, live animals, ashes, eucalyptus, fresh and decay, valuables, guns, ammunition, and escort the level of goods and other special goods freight rate ( Code S) Belongs to the category of goods transport price is calculated according to 150% of the basic price. 3. Specify the product freight ( C) code For some large batch, the strong seasonality and low unit price of goods, the freight airlines can apply for to determine the specified products. 4. The lowest transportation costs ( Code M) Each of the lowest domestic air cargo transportation cost is RMB 30. 5. Container cargo freight can be through the transportation of container or container plate unit to set the container cargo freight shipping goods. Second, the domestic air cargo freight rate applicable rule 1. Direct cargo freight rate prior to each segment of the market rate. 2. Specify the product prior to shipping and general freight. 3. Grade of goods in preference to general cargo freight. Three, domestic air cargo transportation pricing rule 1. The goods freight to & other; Yuan & throughout; The following calculation for the unit, rounded to RMB. 2. The lowest cost of transportation, according to the weight computation of freight is compared with the lowest cost. 3. Calculated by the practice part of the freight is lower than the high part of dividing freight rate to calculate the freight. 4. Paragraphs are combined to form a freight rate, regardless of the actual transport routes, and is composed of different rate of freight rate is lower than the freight rate. Four, domestic air mail freight general freight rate collecting goods in accordance with the general foundation; Express mail collecting freight in accordance with the general goods at freight rate is 150%. Economic base determines the superstructure, the improvement of people's living standards mean that the future way of travel will increase, so the understanding of air freight is still useful.
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