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Tell you what was on air cargo process

by:CNS     2020-08-15
Tell what is your process air freight, air freight is also called air, is an important part of modern logistics, can provide fast, convenient and high quality service. Air transport to the advantage of its rapid and conventional won more than half of the market, which greatly shortens the time of delivery. Air cargo logistics supply chain is greatly enhanced by the flow and circulation, accelerate the logistics flow and circulation. Air freight entrusted to air express authority directly by the shipper. Air cargo on arrival, will be made by air carrier to hand it over to the consignee of the company. In addition to engaged in the business of airlines, they also rely on the help of air cargo service. Air express delivery completely done by multinational companies. Through the situation of the universal postal union, international postal already in most countries in the world between the postal service obtained the mutual aid, and by two or more national postal mail the government's help each other and pass. Postal traditional control theory is relay transmission. Most of the air freight company to accept the central distribution theory or dial-up theory to build a global network. Express company, in short, according to the actual environment of their business set up distribution centers in central area. From around the world express will sent according to the geographical location and installed on the aircraft. In the evening, the plane flew to the dispatch center, each aircraft has exchanged the express mail and flew back to the plane. The next morning, express mail sent to the recipient's desk by local affiliates. Transformation and upgrading of China's air freight as soon as possible to express logistics airlines freight business difficulties and ideal, there is a huge gap between this illustrates the necessity of the transformation of air freight. So, where do you turn to? From the international experience, is directly related to the industry of express logistics industry is a natural extension of air freight, express delivery business is upgraded form of air cargo. Development of air freight to the Courier will be the most natural extension. Fedex is an extension of the air freight to the Courier, and UPS from Courier company to airlines & other Counter & throughout; 。 Domestic private express company basically walked from the Courier company to airlines, this is mainly because the establishment of airlines threshold is very high. Express company scale, it will definitely seek into an airline, and a gap with their colleagues. From the point of the practice of the United States, express mail is the most important in the form of air freight. Express company transport delivery of goods more than 60%, the second is mail ( About 20%) 。 Up to 80%. China is also in the change. Express logistics industry in the proportion of air freight will be more and more big. Air freight should be adapted to the development of China, and express logistics industry transformation and upgrading as soon as possible.
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