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The air freight collector

by:CNS     2020-05-16
The carriage of goods by AIR collector method 1, the airline's collector Ⅰ, dental conditions Ⅲ, AIR CHINA and foreign airline transportation agreement signed between the two, clear the shipper, the carrier's liability of the shipper Ⅰ goods shipped, the shipper must conform to the relevant originating, transit and arrived in the country's laws, regulations and all AIR CHINA transportation regulations. Ⅱ, the shipper shall do as prescribed by the customs, quarantine and other government departments for all formalities goods entry, exit and transit, etc. Ⅲ, the shipper has the responsibility to provide documents and information related to the transportation, and the documents and information provided by the responsible for the correctness and completeness. The carrier responsibility to deal with the international transport of goods. The carrier is responsible for the maximum limit of liability of gross $20 per kilogram or equivalent. Take greater liability limit, if required by the shipper to the carrier must be pay for the goods declared a value, as well as its delivery stated value surcharge. 3, packing conforms to the requirements for air transport, namely under the condition of normal operation, ensure that the goods to the destination, without damage, the specific requirements to the shipper according to the shape of the nature of the goods, weight, and properly packaged air requirement, do not use straw bag, coarse hemp bag do packaging materials, straw rope, etc. 4, collector limits ( A) Value limit Ⅰ each flight loading of the goods shall not be more than $6 million total value Ⅱ load on each flight valuables shall not exceed the total value of $3 million Ⅲ to copy of the waybill that total value of the goods shall not be more than $100000 ( 2) Weight and volume Ⅰ narrow body aircraft carrier may be restricted to bulk cargo, generally not more than 150 kg/Ⅱ goods volume generally should not be less than 20 * 15 * 5 cm can carry PIP (Ⅲ The floor) Board the aircraft door is 164 cm, height limit loading P6P ( High board) Board the aircraft door height limit of 294 cm5, 1, file provides two other ways, airlines limit, beyond my company management scope 3 4, the port of destination transportation agency, not 5 operation, high cost and the unprofitable
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