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The airline industry is how to do better grasp the customer psychology

by:CNS     2020-08-03
The airline industry is how to do better grasp the customer's psychological air express in the future there is no hope, fundamentally air express degree is closely related with the national economy, the prosperous economy, air express, the more important. Especially in the international market, China's large population consumption potential giant in the present economic civilization under the condition of globalization, our country needs to make innovation under the background of the era of reform. The future of international aviation logistics market in China still has a broad space for development. Air transport is essentially a service for the customer, under the condition of market economy is not very good, air express delivery need adjustment state of mind, from the perspective of customer problems, what to consider the needs of customers; For goods, air transport companies to improve the quality of service, let the customer feel we are very professional, and thus trust us better. Inductive perspective, while air express own ability is limited, lack of resources, many cases rather than blindly pursuing big attentively complete each work, lay the foundation for the customer to provide better service to gradually extend service chain, so that more conducive to the establishment of the brand.
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