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The basic concept of freight forwarding

by:CNS     2021-07-07
The basic concept of freight forwarding 2021-06-20 17:33:55 The formation of the international freight forwarding industry is an inevitable product of the process of international commodity circulation and an indispensable part of international trade. It constitutes the cargo owners, freight forwarders, and freight forwarders of the international freight market. The four main bodies of shipowners (or other capacity) and shipping agents are concurrently operated and cross-operated with the terminals, yards, stations, warehouses and other objects of the port, with a wide range of work contacts and multiple links. International freight forwarders deal with the rather complicated work of international trade freight business in a relatively centralized manner, coordinate, coordinate, and straighten out the relationship, and enhance its professionalism, technicality and policy. International freight forwarding is abbreviated as international freight forwarding, which refers to an enterprise with international freight forwarding qualifications, accepting the entrustment of the consignee, consignor or its agent of import and export goods, and signing and issuing transportation in the name of the principal or the freight forwarding company Documents, performance of transportation contracts and other related businesses, and the act of charging agency fees or commissions. 1624
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