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The characteristics of air transport - - - - - - From both advantages and disadvantages were analyzed

by:CNS     2020-07-12
The characteristics of air transport - - - - - - Is analyzed from two aspects of advantages and disadvantages that everything has its characteristics, such as: land has the characteristic of land transportation, shipping has the characteristics of the sea, so the air transport also has some characteristics of the air transport itself. Air transport with started a bit late, but with extraordinary speed development, clearly shows the advantage of air transport, the following to fully elaborate the characteristics - air transport - - - - - - From both advantages and disadvantages were analyzed. ( 1) The disadvantage of air transport: air transport companies are the main disadvantages of the plane's cabin volume and weight are relatively small, the cost of transportation and freight is higher than the ground transportation. Due to flight restrictions by meteorological conditions, so will affect the normal and punctuality. In addition, in the short distance transportation is difficult to make full use of the advantages of fast air transport. ( 2) Air transport advantages: 1. Has the high transport speed: in today's world market, competition is intense, the market fast changing, time cost is the enterprise important factors to consider. Air transport speed higher transportation has become an international commodity market competition advantages. 2. Low breakage, good safety: used in air transport of goods is of high value, the ground of the air transport process strictly, a relatively perfect management system, cargo damage rate is low, good safety. 3. Applying fresh and seasonal food: nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standard, people requires a high degree of freshness of food, especially for those expensive product, the problem is the determination of the freshness of dongguan to shandong logistics. This can only be done by air transport. Is very tall to the requirement of fresh goods on time. Transportation delay will lead to goods lost its original value. Air transport can ensure the goods fresh, fresh, it is helpful to develop long-distance market. For seasonal goods, air transport can ensure that the market before the sales season, avoiding the unsold commodity costs due to miss the season. Extension information: in the process of transport by air delivery, although there are some goods can transport, but it must be prepared to relevant protective measures or ready to related documents in advance, the types of these goods specific as follows: 1, narcotic drugs Need to prepare by narcotics transport certificates issued by the ministry of health and drug administration (fda). 2 - some plants and animals, plants and animals, or products Need to animal and plant quarantine certificate issued by the animal and plant quarantine office. In addition, must pay special attention to China southern airlines emergency module does not collect plants and animals. If these items included in the goods, need to hand it over to freight station and bills issued by the China southern airlines. 3, canned liquid and powdered items - Need to prepare goods manufacturers to provide properties. 4, audio and video products & ndash; — Need to prepare the provincial social and cultural transfer audio and video products transportation certificates issued by the management committee office.
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