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The characteristics of the air freight

by:CNS     2020-07-19
The characteristics of the air cargo air cargo is a kind of use the plane transport personnel, cargo and mail transportation tool. It's fast and maneuverability is strong, it is a modern passenger transport, this is an important way of promoting the long-distance passenger transport. In international trade transportation valuables, fresh food and precision instrument is indispensable. Air freight system is made up of four basic parts: the aircraft, airport and air traffic management system and flight path. The organic combination of the four parts in the air traffic management system under the control and management of complete air cargo business activities. Air freight in a short span of more than half a century in the cause of the rapid development and its characteristics are inseparable. Compared with other modes of transportation, the main advantage of air freight is: speed. This is the biggest characteristic of air cargo and advantage. Modern jet cruising speed is 800 - 900 km/h, 5 - faster than cars and trains 20-10 times faster than a ship 30 times. The longer the distance, air freight can save the time and the function of fast, liquidity is very good. Aircraft flying in the air, subject to the conditions of geography and terrain conditions, the extent is far less than cars, trains and ships. It connects the ground any distance between two places, can regularly or irregularly. Disaster relief and supply and especially in the remote areas in the urgent tasks such as first aid, air freight has become an indispensable means. Comfortable and safe. Jet usually in the cruising altitude of 10000 meters, flight is not affected by low air flow, air flow smooth and comfortable. Modern civil aircraft cabin spacious, low noise. This machine has the feeding, audio-visual facilities and other facilities, passengers have a higher comfort level. Due to the progress of science and technology and strict requirements of aircraft airworthiness, passengers air freight accident mortality rate is very small. The basic construction period is short and small investment. To develop air freight, you only need to add the aircraft and construction of the airport. Compared with the railway and highway construction, short construction period, less land, save investment, fast effect. According to the statistical analysis, set up between the two cities the traffic of about 1000 km apart. If passenger Numbers is the same, the construction of the railway investment is opening line 1. 6 times, the construction period of railway is 5 - Seven years, the route is only 2 years. Finally is the air freight shortcomings. Aircraft cabin capacity and load capacity is relatively small, transportation cost is higher than other modes of transportation. To some extent, influenced by meteorological conditions, flight delays sometimes occur. Air freight is more suitable for long-distance passenger transport in excess of 1000 kilometers, and the time sensitive perishable fresh, high value and long-haul transport of goods.
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