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The characteristics of the customs inspection

by:CNS     2020-05-22
In essence, the customs inspection is the implementation of the customs supervision and management function, also is the main part of the customs supervision system. The original customs supervision and control of time, space, the extension and expansion of a wide range. Customs supervision is not only confined to the import and export of real-time monitoring and the entry-exit ports, but by reviewing the status of validation enterprise to obey the law or trade security situation, targeted to standardize enterprise internal management, guide enterprises to obey the law self-discipline, guarantee the better enjoy convenient customs supervision. Clearance shall be given to the use and management of clearance of goods and clearance of the goods after the release of a certain period of time, directly related to import and export goods of enterprises and units of accounting documents for inspection, customs declaration documents and other related information. Import and export goods customs supervision main goal from control to control the goods of operators to the import and export enterprises, no longer artificially isolated from enterprise and consumer goods. Customs around the import and export activities implementation of dynamic and comprehensive supervision and regulation to achieve through the regulation of import and export import and export of goods.
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