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The common practice of international leasing trade

by:CNS     2020-05-24
Financing lease, for example shows that the common practice of international leasing trade: delegate leasing. Enterprise users will have the lease item to the leasing company selected hint, fill in the lease. Corporate balance sheets shall be included in the lease a power of attorney and business objective. If necessary, should show that can provide a guarantee. In explaining the subject matter. Enterprise or leasing company or jointly by the user, and lease the subject matter of the manufacturer or supplier negotiations to buy the subject matter of the terms of trade. Sign the leasing contract. When buying the subject matter of the terms of trade have agreed that leasing company issued by the rental fee quotation. Both sides then lease, rent, lease the subject matter of the handover acceptance, maintenance and insurance conditions agreed, and sign the lease contract. Sign the purchase contract. Leasing companies and manufacturers had settled the terms of trade, formally signed the purchase contract. Acceptance of delivery. The manufacturer directly to the user delivery as stipulated in the contract. Our country enterprise to imported equipment leasing way, its procedure is equivalent to general import trade. User enterprise's acceptance to the lessee identity acceptance receipt issued to the leasing company. Pay the rent and to perform the contract obligations. The lessee shall pay rent on a regular basis, as stipulated in the contract and to perform other obligations stipulated in the contract. The leasing company should also be stipulated in the contract, shall bear the liability insurance, and maintenance. In the financing lease, general maintenance by the users themselves. The expiration of the retention. Financing lease expires, usually which belongs to the lessee in the ownership of the subject matter. Lease contract can also be specified by the user pay salvage value after a certain amount of equipment, to ownership.
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