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The concept, function and classification of transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-06
The concept, function and classification of transportation 2021-06-20 19:51:561. The concept of transportation is the use of equipment or tools to change people in different geographical areas (such as two cities and two factories). Logistics activities for the purpose of spatial displacement of objects. Transportation is one of the main functions of logistics, and it is also the basic activity element of logistics. Logistics is the physical movement of the item entity. This movement not only changes the temporal state of the item, but also changes the spatial state of the item. Transportation undertakes the main task of changing the spatial state of items, and is the main means to change the spatial state of items; transportation, coupled with handling, distribution and other activities, can successfully complete all the tasks of changing the spatial state. 2. The function of transportation The function of transportation is mainly manifested in the following three aspects: (1) Realize the spatial displacement of items. No matter what form the article is in, whether it is material, parts, assembly, work-in-process, or finished product, and whether it is in the manufacturing process or in the circulation process, transportation is an indispensable link. The main function of transportation is the spatial displacement of products in the value chain. (2) Create 'place utility'. Because the same kind of items are located in different places, the degree of realization of their use value is also different. The so-called site utility refers to maximizing the use value and output-to-people ratio of goods due to changes in the site. Through transportation, goods can be transported to the place with the highest utility, and the potential of the goods can be used to realize the optimal allocation of resources. In this sense, transportation improves the use value of items. (3) Item storage. Temporary storage of items is an unusual transportation function, that is, transportation vehicles are temporarily used as storage facilities. In the case of limited warehouse space, it is a feasible option to use transport vehicles for storage. 3. Transportation classification According to different standards, transportation can be divided as follows: (1) According to different transportation facilities or tools, transportation can be divided into road transportation, railway transportation, water transportation, air transportation and pipeline transportation. (2) According to different transportation routes, transportation can be divided into trunk transportation, branch transportation, urban transportation and factory transportation in production enterprises. (3) According to different transportation functions, transportation can be divided into collection transportation and distribution transportation. (4) According to the geographical scope of transportation, transportation can be divided into intra-city transportation, inter-provincial transportation, domestic transportation and international transportation. (5) According to the different degree of cooperation in transportation, transportation can be divided into general transportation, combined transportation and multimodal transportation.
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