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The concept, function and classification of transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-06
The concept, function and classification of transportation 2021-06-20 12:13:13 Transportation refers to the transportation and transportation of 'people' and 'things'. Here specifically refers to the transportation and transportation of 'things'. It is between different geographical areas (for example, between two countries, two cities, two factories, or between two workshops that are far apart in a large enterprise), to change the spatial location of 'things' as The purpose of the activity is the spatial displacement of 'things'. The difference between it and transportation is that transportation is a large-scale activity, while transportation is an activity within the same area. Transportation is an activity that realizes the change of the spatial position of people and objects, and is closely related to human production and life. It can be said that the history of transportation is as long as the history of mankind. As early as the middle of the 18th century, transportation was still in the advanced handicraft industry stage. Adam Smith discussed that transportation (mainly sailing ships and carriages) played a major role in social division of labor, foreign trade, and promoting the economic prosperity of cities and regions. effect. In the following two centuries, transportation has undergone a fundamental transformation from old-style transportation to mechanical transportation, and then developed to a new stage of comprehensive development of various modern transportation methods. �� � � �`3 �� When passing the elevator platform, it is no longer necessary to carry up and down, and directly from the current position through the storage conveyor belt of the first floor is automatically assigned to the storage area of u200bu200bthe first floor. Putting in; receiving the pallet from the second to fourth floor, the pallet will be automatically transferred to the required floor by the pallet vertical elevator. When the elevator reaches the designated floor, the inbound conveyor belt on each floor will automatically transport the goods to the inbound area. When the goods are off the platform, the forklift will remove the pallets from the conveyor belt and put them into storage. When leaving the warehouse, pick and match the goods according to the order. The selected outgoing goods are loaded with a cage, and sent to the delivery area on the first floor by the vertical conveyor of the cage from each platform, and then loaded on the corresponding transport truck. The advanced and practical loading, unloading and handling system provides strong support for the development of Lianhua Convenience Store, which greatly improves the operation capability and efficiency of Lianhua Convenience Store.
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