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The concept of air transport supply

by:CNS     2021-07-09
The concept of air transport supply 2021-06-20 13:54:24 Supply is a concept symmetrical to demand. Demand is for consumers, and supply is for producers. Air transportation supply refers to the amount of air transportation services that air transportation companies are willing and able to sell at a given time and in a given market. The connotation of this definition includes two aspects: ① Producers have a desire to sell air transportation services. ②The producer has the ability to provide air transportation services. If the transportation producer is unwilling to sell air transportation services, or is unable to provide air transportation services, it cannot constitute the air transportation market supply. .Air transport supply includes the following two aspects. (1) Flight capacity. Flight capacity is generally used to express the capacity of transportation supply. Guangzhou-Shenyang logistics is usually expressed by the number of ton-kilometers that the flight can serve. The passenger transportation capacity multiplied by the average passenger load factor is the air passenger transportation demand in the market. Therefore, the provision of airline capacity is generally planned according to the predicted market demand and expected passenger load factor. As cargo transportation relies to a certain extent on the belly cabin of passenger planes, the supply of transportation capacity is subject to certain restrictions. (2) Airline network layout. The route network layout is used to express the supply distribution of air transportation. The route network can not only indicate the distribution of infrastructure, but also reflect the distribution of demand to a certain extent. There is a big difference between the route network layout of passenger transportation and the route network layout of cargo transportation. The passenger transportation network recommends more transits, adopting a hub structure, and concentrating local demand to bring out the economies of scale; while cargo transportation pursues fast and safe, requiring fewer transits or direct connections, and generally adopts a point-to-point type.
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