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The concept of loading and unloading

by:CNS     2021-07-08
The concept of loading and unloading 2021-06-20 19:49:29 According to my country's national logistics terminology standards, loading and unloading refers to: 'Items are loaded into transportation equipment or unloaded by manpower or machinery at designated locations.' (Handing/carwing) refers to: 'In the same place, the horizontal movement of goods is the main logistics operation.' Loading, unloading and handling is one of the basic functions of logistics. Generally speaking, within the same geographic area (such as station area, factory area, warehouse interior, etc.), loading and unloading is an activity that changes the storage and support state of 'objectsAnd transportation is the activity of changing the spatial position of 'objectsIn the actual operation of Guangzhou Logistics Company, loading and unloading and handling are inseparable. Therefore, in logistics science, the difference between the two is not particularly emphasized, but treated as the same activity, which is called 'handling and handling' in full. Sometimes or on specific occasions, simply 'loading and unloading' or simply 'handling' also includes the full meaning of 'handling and handling'. In customary use, the logistics field (such as railway transportation) often refers to the overall activity of loading, unloading and handling as 'cargo handling'; in the production field, this overall activity is often referred to as 'material handling'. In fact, the content of the activity is the same, but the field is different. In addition, the 'transportation' of transportation and the 'transportation' of transportation, the difference between the two is mainly the different scope of activities of the object: the transportation is carried out in a small area in the same area-within the logistics node, while the transportation is carried out in a larger area. Within the scope-between logistics nodes. The two are the relationship between quantitative change and qualitative change, and there is no absolute limit between them.
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