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The concept of supply chain cost management

by:CNS     2021-07-15
The concept of supply chain cost management 2021-06-20 11:40:01 According to the supply chain management reference model given by the U.S. Supply Chain Council, supply chain costs are divided into cost of goods sold, total supply chain management cost, order management cost, Material acquisition costs, inventory storage costs, supply chain-related financial and planned costs, value-added productivity, after-sales guarantees, and return process costs. Supply chain cost management can be said to be a supply chain management method based on cost, and it is also a new way of effectively managing supply chains. Supply chain cost management is a kind of cross-enterprise cost management. Its vision goes beyond the internal enterprise, but extends the meaning of cost to the operating cost of the enterprise and the transaction cost between enterprises in the entire supply chain. Its goal is to optimize and reduce The total cost of the entire supply chain. In the 21st century, competition is increasing, and price reductions may not be a general trend, but there is no doubt that the market now faces more severe price competition than it was ten years ago. In order to alleviate the constant pressure to cut prices and ensure a certain level of profit, companies must seek ways to reduce costs in order to survive the crisis of price cuts. As companies have implemented many cost-reducing methods and strategies, it will be a big challenge to find new cost-reducing methods. Therefore, the last opportunity to reduce costs lies in the supply chain rather than in the operation of the enterprise itself. Strengthening the cost management of the supply chain and reducing the total cost of the supply chain, including logistics costs, has become an important way for enterprises to improve their efficiency. Although supply chain cost management is a new cost management model proposed in the 1990s, the pursuit of its theoretical origin is inseparable from the various research theories of predecessors on cost management. The theoretical basis of supply chain cost management mainly includes value chain theory, principal-agent theory, transaction cost theory and inter-organizational cost management concepts. You can also browse the main function of daily operation management problems in the warehouse: Choice of transportation mode Supply logistics
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