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The concept of transportation organization management

by:CNS     2021-07-05
The concept of transportation organization management 2021-06-20 09:51:48 Transportation organization management refers to the macro-management of transportation production and the guidance of production business, including two aspects of micro-management and macro-management. Micro-management refers to the establishment of necessary management institutions and rules and regulations by transportation enterprises, and the use of certain means to plan, organize, coordinate and control transportation operations. Macro-management is the government's management department formulating plans, policies and guidelines, promulgating relevant laws and regulations, and managing the transportation industry. Its management object is the entire transportation industry. In the field of transportation, macro management is called transportation industry management and transportation administrative management; micro management is called transportation management. Micro-management is divided into two parts: transportation operation management and transportation production management. The former is the management of transportation business activities; the latter is the management of transportation production activities. Management focuses on the interior of the enterprise and emphasizes the current production, that is, according to the business objectives of the enterprise, the relationship between the three elements of people, finance and material inside and outside the enterprise is correctly handled in various activities, focusing on the improvement of effects and the reduction of costs to ensure that the enterprise Achievement of goals; management focuses on the outside of the company, focuses on the development of the company, emphasizes the market and users, and deals with the dynamic balance between the external environment and internal conditions of the company. It is carried out to enable all the economic activities of the company to achieve the overall expected goals now and in the future A series of work such as the selection, planning, and correct decision-making of the best solution. Both business activities and management activities co-exist in the enterprise, and there are no management activities that have nothing to do with business, and there are no business activities that do not require management. Transportation management and transportation production management only emphasize the difference in key points. Operation and management are closely linked with each other, complement each other and complement each other. There is no essential difference between transportation organization and transportation management in a broad sense, but the research content of transportation organization mainly focuses on the management of transportation production activities, and there is less management of transportation operation activities.
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