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The content of warehousing business management

by:CNS     2021-07-18
The content of warehousing business management 2021-06-20 16:44:07 Warehousing business management involves the organization and management of people, finances, and materials in the enterprise warehousing business, the rational use of corporate resources, system construction, incentive mechanisms, and warehousing business The specific contents of team training and other aspects include: (1) Market research and research. Warehousing companies must extensively collect and analyze market information, analyze market environmental factors and consumer behavior in warehousing services, and segment the market to capture and select favorable ones. Market opportunities; scientifically formulate warehousing services to meet customer needs, formulate reasonable price competition strategies; strengthen market supervision and management, and scientifically plan and design marketing strategies. (2) Warehousing resource management Warehousing enterprises need to make reasonable and full use of warehousing resources and make the best use of their materials to create and realize more business opportunities for enterprises. Warehousing enterprises establish and improve a standardized management system in terms of resource allocation and management, clarify powers and responsibilities, standardize warehousing resource management, and improve efficiency. (3) Business cost managementIn terms of business cost management, on the one hand, companies should accurately perform cost accounting and detailed cost analysis to improve cost management effects, reduce warehousing business management costs, and improve the competitiveness of products or services; on the other hand, Enterprises should reduce transaction costs through scientific and reasonable organization and make full use of advanced technology. (4) Business contract management Warehousing enterprises should strengthen business negotiation and management of contract performance, be honest and trustworthy, act in accordance with the contract, and create a good business reputation. (5) Business risk management Warehousing enterprises need to establish a risk prevention mechanism and a standardized business responsibility system, properly handle business disputes and conflicts, and prevent and reduce business risks. (6) Business personnel management The business quality and service attitude of business personnel affect the overall image of warehousing enterprises to a large extent. Therefore, business management also includes the training and management of business personnel. Warehousing enterprises should pay attention to the training and improvement of business personnel, mobilize the enthusiasm and intelligence of business personnel through reasonable incentive mechanisms, and strengthen supervision and management.
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