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The content of warehousing logistics customer service

by:CNS     2021-07-17
The content of warehousing logistics customer service 2021-06-20 10:55:46 The resources of warehousing enterprises are limited. Serving customers requires manpower, material and financial resources, which means that warehousing services have a cost. The customers faced by warehousing companies are also different, their contributions to the company are not the same, and their needs for services are also different. Therefore, it is impossible for warehousing companies to provide the same service to all customers. Basic service is the lowest level service provided to all customers. Value-added services are special services for specific customers, and various extended services beyond the basic service plan of warehousing enterprises. Value-added services are additional services. Basic services correspond to the basic needs of customers, and value-added services correspond to the special needs of customers. 1. The basic service content of warehousing logistics customers The basic service is the minimum and usual service provided by warehousing enterprises to customers. From the perspective of warehousing service providers, the basic warehousing service level can be measured from three aspects: availability, operational performance and service reliability. (1) Availability Availability refers to the inventory capacity that customers have when they need inventory, that is, enough storage space to meet customers' storage needs. Generally speaking, the larger the storage space, the higher the availability, but this may require a lot of funds and high maintenance costs. Therefore, it is unrealistic to achieve availability by building large-capacity warehouses. In fact, availability can be achieved through various methods. The most basic approach is to build warehouses in accordance with the expected customer needs. (2) Operation performance The performance of each process in warehousing operations. ①Complete the cycle. The completion cycle refers to the operation time of each link in the warehousing. Generally speaking, the shorter the operation time, the lower the investment level required by the customer. ② Consistency. Consistency refers to the ability of an enterprise to deliver goods on time. It is the most basic problem of warehousing operations. ③Flexibility. The environment of warehousing enterprises is constantly changing, which requires warehousing enterprises to provide flexible services, such as modifying basic service arrangements and special requirements of customers. Operational flexibility is the ability of an enterprise to deal with abnormal customer service needs. ④ Failure and recovery. No matter how perfect the business is, failures will always occur. Therefore, enterprises must have the ability to predict possible failures or service interruptions during the service process, and have appropriate contingency plans to complete the restoration tasks. (3) The reliability of service The reliability of service mainly investigates the quality of warehousing service. The quality of warehousing services is closely related to the reliability of warehousing services. The quality of logistics services includes two aspects: one is the reliability of the warehousing space provided, and the other is the quality of the warehousing service itself. Studies have shown that the ability to provide accurate information is one of the most important aspects of measuring corporate customer service capabilities. Customers usually hate accidents. If they can receive information beforehand, they can make adjustments to unexpected situations such as insufficient inventory or loss of inventory. Therefore, in addition to the quality of warehousing services, the reliability of the service also involves the ability to provide customers with information about warehousing operations and inventory conditions in a timely and accurate manner. The results of a large number of investigations and studies show that for customers, the three aspects of basic service content are equally important and indispensable. It must be emphasized that once a customer accepts the service of a warehousing company, the warehousing company is obligated to serve the companies in accordance with their basic service commitments. For important customers, logistics companies can provide them with value-added services beyond their basic service standards to strengthen the relationship with important customers. 1953
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