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The development of air transportation industry can create much value for tourism

by:CNS     2020-07-18
The development of air transportation industry can create much value for tourism in Shanghai by air in the shipper will be after shipment, the carrier or its agent will be the one to the shipper, as proof of has been receiving the goods. Receive the goods unless otherwise noted, it is the carrier and the proof of the shipment in good condition. Air freight bill of lading with the goods, to prove the identity of the goods. Carrying on the waybill on the ticket send goods, transport and delivery of the items, the carrier will make corresponding arrangements to the carriage of the goods accordingly. Aviation transportation industry are seen using innovative technologies to meet the needs of rapid development and opportunities. Shanghai airlines cargo transport capacity greatly reduces the cost of distance to promote globalization play an important role. Manufacturers, especially the high value of electronic products manufacturers, to a large extent depends on the air transport is tied to decompose the space business. Relatively cheap air transport is also important for tourism development. Shanghai by air in the current mode of transportation of the fastest, so suitable for long-distance transport of goods need less time, fast service, air provide comfortable, efficient and fast transportation services. Is considered to be the best mode of transportation to transport perishable goods. No investment in infrastructure. International air do not emphasize the construction of the railway track. Because do not need to capital investment of the ground track, so lower transport costs in other traffic is not easy to close to the area.
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