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The development of co-delivery

by:CNS     2021-07-15
The development of joint distribution 2021-06-20 14:15:07 Joint distribution is an important form of distribution formed according to national conditions in developed countries such as Japan. These countries implement a freely competitive market economy, and it is inevitable that multiple distribution companies coexist. Each distribution company has to open up its own market and channels, therefore, it needs to establish its own network and its own facilities. As a result, the following problems are prone to: insufficient facilities in areas with more users, excess facilities in areas with sparse users, and waste of repeated construction by different distribution companies. To solve the above problems, joint distribution is a good way to choose. Due to the 'consumption individuation' trend that has appeared in developed countries in recent years, and the emphasis on 'the user is GodIn this case, the Guangzhou logistics company has a high frequency of delivery or user vehicles to pick up the goods, which leads to a series of social and environmental problems such as traffic congestion, noise problems, and vehicle exhaust pollution. If a common delivery method is adopted, one vehicle used for common delivery can replace the original several or dozens of vehicles, which is beneficial to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce pollution. With the development of joint distribution, its form is becoming more and more deepened, mainly in the following two aspects: 1. Multi-user combination is in an area where users are concentrated, and the area is relatively crowded, if each user prepares a separate delivery site or cargo disposal In the case of site difficulties, these users can jointly set up delivery receiving points or cargo disposal sites. This not only solves the problem of the venue, but also greatly improves the level of receiving goods and speeds up the operation of the delivery vehicle. In addition, the centralized receiving point facilitates the centralized disposal of waste packaging materials, and multiple users can arrange the receiving personnel together, thereby reducing the number of receiving personnel. 2. Multi-distribution enterprise unity When there are several different distribution companies in a city or a region, the distribution companies can use distribution centers and distribution machinery together to implement distribution to users of different distribution companies. Guangzhou to Changsha freight company under this distribution method, the distribution company can choose the distribution center closest to the user. The distribution center may not belong to the distribution company, but it belongs to another distribution company. Under the conditions of resource sharing, it can greatly Reduce the distribution cost of the enterprise. Similarly, when some users of another company, if they are closer to another distribution company, they can also be distributed by another company, thus forming a way of cooperating to perform distribution.
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