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The development trend of container transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-03
The development trend of container transportation 2021-06-20 17:11:53 From a global perspective, the development trend of container transportation is to reduce costs, shorten transportation cycles and improve service quality. This trend is mainly reflected in the following aspects. 1. System improvement 1) Trunk transport ships will be further enlarged (the single ship's container capacity will reach more than 600 OTEU). 2) The competition in the container transportation market is becoming increasingly fierce, and the division of labor between the trunk and branch lines will be further clarified. 3) The transit role of the hub port will be further strengthened, and the collection and distribution system built around the hub port will be further improved. 2. International multimodal transportation facilitates multimodal transportation is one of the advantages of container transportation. With the improvement of the transportation trunk and branch lines and the collection and distribution systems of various hub ports, the global integrated transportation system is becoming more and more perfect, and the multimodal transportation is regular. Internationalization work under globalization, as well as international conventions related to container transportation and domestic laws and regulations of various countries have been strengthened and improved, creating good hardware and software conditions for the development of multimodal transportation. Container cargo transportation will realize multimodal transportation, and container cargo multimodal transportation will become the development direction of the transportation industry. 3. Integration of business strategy Each container transportation company will adopt a comprehensive and flexible business strategy, and the development of integrated logistics services and diversified operations will become the development direction of large-scale transportation companies. 4. Communication modernization The collection, processing, storage and communication of information in container transportation will be fully modernized. 5. Specialized container type has a trend of further large-scale and specialization.
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