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The domestic airlines and Iberia company code sharing cooperation

by:CNS     2020-08-14
The domestic airlines and Iberia company code sharing cooperation recently, the country's largest private airline spring airlines ( 9 c code) And Spain's national airline ( Code the IB) Formal code sharing service on some routes. This is the first time in the spring and autumn airlines with full-service airline code sharing cooperation. It is understood that in the spring and autumn airlines currently operating air express = in changchun, dalian = pudong, pudong, shenyang = in the pudong new area, chongqing = some flight in pudong, and the operation of the Spanish national air current = Madrid on a flight in the pudong new area, the two sides will conduct code sharing. Simultaneously through cooperation, that is, from the domestic part of the city starting, via pudong, cohesion to the Spanish capital Madrid. At the appointed time, passengers can ride in the spring and autumn airlines domestic flights above, via pudong, on Spain's national airline, from the Spanish capital Madrid. Code sharing between the spring and autumn airlines and Air China flights scheduled to officially launched on December 2. Starting from October 30, passengers can be in the spring and autumn airlines website: Ch. Com and APP purchases in changchun, dalian, shenyang, chongqing = = Madrid pudong connecting flights. Shared code cooperation, that is, an airline flight number ( The code) , can be used on another flight operations and selling tickets. For passengers, code sharing can provide passengers with a higher frequency of flights and more navigation point. To provide more favorable ship ticket prices. About transport process of low cost airlines and full-service airline service possible differences between the spring and autumn airlines will by checking the checked baggage and increase the weight of the portable size to improve passenger experience as much as possible. In addition, the two airlines also for temporary flight delay and cancellation provides enough airborne safeguards. Detailed information on specific, visitors can focus on the official website of spring airlines ( Ch. com) Or the APP. Spain's national airline customers and the network development manager MariaJosé 罗 PezSalas said: & other; Cooperation with Spring Airlines, we have already arrived in more cities in China, and provides more choices for passengers. ” Indeed, this share cooperation and multimodal transport cooperation will be more effective use of spring airlines and the Spanish national airline network advantages, and in the sales channels and flight on the resources, complement each other. Spring airlines use of Spain's national airline intercontinental long-haul routes, for the first time to enter the European market. Spain's national airline also Harmony strong domestic route network can be used to supplement its intercontinental routes from all over the country. It is worth mentioning that this cooperation, the price on the spring airlines in many domestic routes and punctuality will be even more significant, and will benefit more passengers.
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