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The electric car can not air freight

by:CNS     2020-07-31
Electric cars can exactly airfreight as environmental protection, the electric car is also more and more people to use. Some electric car manufacturers or companies to export electric cars to the foreign country. Recently, many customers asked us to air freight, international air transport company but they don't know why some international air freight company said they can't air, electric cars can also by air? Electric cars by mainland international aviation exported to abroad is a little difficult, because the electric car lithium batteries. Now, airlines for lithium batteries and other dangerous goods by air is very strict, air transport is usually banned. As a result, the electric car is very difficult to fly in the sky, so there are two cases. One is that the customer has a special cargo plane can fly to a place where he wanted to go, should be able to go out. Another is to remove the battery, remove the battery, air light and electric cars, and then use another kind of transportation way to transport the battery, such as by sea. It is worth mentioning the second mode of transportation. It is estimated that everyone will say so. Demolition of electric cars, electric cars will be sent to you by air, the battery will be by sea. This is not a lot of time? You can't go by ship? This can also be by sea, but it is said that when the electric car shipping, customs a little moving. ! ! Best left apart. In general, many international air freight company will claim to air transport of dangerous goods, and sensitive products. In fact, otherwise, the international air freight agent are airlines, all control belong to the international air freight company, but the airline will not receive the goods directly, they must find agent to transport goods. Maybe these international air freight company really can dispose of these goods, but customers either route is the international air freight company, or no hide their name when they go out. If the latter, they will not be able to escape, because they have checked out by the airlines.
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