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The embarrassing situation in the development of freight forwarding

by:CNS     2021-07-07
The embarrassing situation in the development of freight forwarding 2021-06-20 13:19:29 The freight forwarding industry in the traditional transportation industry has had certain imperfections since it began operation, such as unclear industry positioning and traditional factors, which have caused the freight forwarding industry. There is an awkward situation in the development process. ①The entry barrier is low. Although the threshold of the logistics industry is not high, the most basic thing is to have a car. In the freight forwarding industry, there is almost no threshold. You can set up a freight forwarding company with a phone and a fax. Moreover, some are obviously local freight forwarders, and they have to bring an 'international' rise. For example, Shenzhen has tens of thousands of freight forwarders, and there are many international freight forwarders. The emergence of too many freight forwarders and the too low entry barriers have put the freight industry in a state of structural chaos. ②Serious crisis of trust. People who are freight forwarders have such an experience that they seem to live in white and non-white lies all day long. In order to win customers, the Guangzhou-Sichuan freight line is doing everything possible to weave various infinitely amplified advantages to win The favor of the guests has caused a trend of false information in the industry. For example, those who do ocean freight say that each shipowner can handle it, those who do air freight say that they slap the board and pack their cabins, and those who do customs declaration boast that they are the tertiary industry of the customs. Agents and warehouses have an area of u200bu200btens of thousands of square meters, and those who build cabinets do their own work. Most freight forwarders claim to be all-rounders. This makes the credibility of the information provided by the freight forwarding industry lower and lower. Many customers need the cooperation of freight forwarding companies on the one hand, and on the other hand, they are full of doubts for fear of being deceived. ③The dilemma of the buyer's market. Due to the frequent vicious and low-price competition in the low-end market, it is tantamount to drinking poison to quench thirst, which can only make freight forwarders go nowhere. In theory, the shipper and forwarder are equal. However, once the freight forwarding company reaches the point of flooding, it becomes an absolute market for buyers, and the requirements of customers are getting higher and higher. For example, some customers require payment in the morning and get the bill of lading in the afternoon; some customers even pay late or are in arrears. The difficulties faced by the freight forwarding industry have caused freight forwarding companies to wander between ethics and the law. It has become more and more difficult to control the loss of money and goods, and it has almost become a certain unspoken rule in the industry. For this reason, since 2005, the Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of Communications has put forward the 'three must be solvedThis has sounded the alarm for some illegal logistics companies. Logistics cases in places such as Zhejiang and Guangdong have been drastically reduced under this high pressure situation. But from the overall situation, it is not optimistic. For this reason, some experts pointed out that to reduce the violations of freight forwarding companies, it is necessary to strengthen the relationship between material suppliers and demand chain managers, manufacturers and customers. Both parties must start tracking from the order of materials, from production, processing, assembly, inspection, packaging, boxing, storage, transportation to the one-stop responsibility supervision of users and consumers. At the same time, the Guangzhou-Guizhou freight dedicated line has established a logistics supervision system, so that customers can at any time have insight into the location and trends of any shipment in the logistics, and fully grasp all kinds of real-time information of all materials and other assets under their supervision, and discover, at any time, Investigate and deal with all problems in logistics, including various criminal activities against logistics fraud, theft and transfer.
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