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The export of dangerous goods by sea process operation

by:CNS     2020-05-11
Note 2: for the circulation use of barrels, shipment need to be dealt with before the cargo declaration of temporary import and export application, need to offer application instructions ( Why do you want to use imported barrels) , and provide goods CLASS CLASS and UN number, quantity, gross weight is correct, to knock company official seal to the maritime affair bureau to apply for shipment. Three, to provide customs declaration information 3 days in advance to provide the original export declaration related information: 1 sheet, cancel after verification; 2, invoice; 3, packing list; 4, customs orders; 5, export customs declaration; 6, goods fact sheet ( People need to be written to introduce the goods delivery purposes, and has the characteristic, etc. ) ; Note 1: according to the above documents, and according to the cargo declaration, such as box titles for customs clearance. Note 2: for the time being to handle import and export, in addition to the above documents should also provide information about temporary import and export of goods, if there is any deposit receipt should be provided, too. 5, packing into port: due to the dangerous goods is the boat straight, so usually 3 days before the ship open the packing. Packing in two ways: 1, the owner of the goods to delivery to dangerous goods warehouse, the shipper needs to open the door in the ship the goods within 3 days prior to the forwarder company specified in the dangerous goods warehouse; Packing and 2, to the factory, the owner should be ready for the goods in advance, after the packing of goods, must around the perimeter of the container with big risk, if the loading of the goods once xie will on Marine pollution caused by the leakage, needs to be labeled as markers of Marine pollution, at the same time photo evidence; Note 1: dangerous goods within the trailer or must use has the qualification of dangerous goods transport fleet, to calculate the fees according to the level. Note 2: the goods declare deadline for 48 hours before sailing, so must submit box before this time. Note 3: as of goods declaration to provide a case titles at the same time, so must submit box before this time. Six, bill of lading confirmation copy will be two days before the ship open to provide delivery confirmation.
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