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The function of the warehouse

by:CNS     2021-07-16
The function of the warehouse 2021-06-20 09:58:28 Looking at the warehouse from a systematic point of view, the warehouse should have the following functions: (1) The function of storage and custody This is the most basic and traditional function of the warehouse. The warehouse has a certain space for storing crystals, and is equipped with corresponding equipment according to the characteristics of the stored items to maintain the integrity of the stored items. For example, warehouses that store volatile solvents must be equipped with ventilation equipment to prevent excessive volatile substances in the air from causing explosions; warehouses that store precision instruments must be moisture-proof, dust-proof, and constant temperature, and they should be equipped with air conditioning and constant temperature control. Set each. When working in a warehouse, there is another basic requirement, which is to prevent the items from being damaged or crushed during handling and stacking, which requires continuous improvement and perfection of handling equipment and operating methods, so that the warehouse can truly play a role in storage and storage. (2) The functional warehouse that supports production and regulates supply and demand can effectively alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand, so that the two can be coordinated in time and space. The needs of a modern society are diverse. Many manufacturing companies need an orderly supply of various raw materials, semi-finished products and other materials in order to complete processing tasks, and consumers will also need special products at a specific time and at a specific place. How to smoothly put materials from different suppliers and different processes into subsequent production? How to solve the contradiction between balanced production and unbalanced consumption of some products, or unbalanced production and balanced consumption, so that production can proceed smoothly and meet consumption well Therefore, warehouses are needed to regulate the 'reservoir'. (3) The function of adjusting cargo transportation capacity The transportation capacity of various transportation vehicles is different. The transportation capacity of ships is very large. Marine ships are generally 10,000 tons, and inland ships also have hundreds to thousands of tons. The transportation capacity of trains is smaller, each wagon can carry 30-60 tons, and the transportation volume of a train can reach several thousand tons at most. The transportation capacity of cars is very small, and each car is generally under 10 tons. With the economic development and the expansion of the market scope, the transportation distance of goods is also expanding, and the combination of multiple transportation methods is required. The adjustment of transportation capacity and the connection of transportation methods between them must be completed through warehouses. (4) The function of distribution and processing The function of modern warehouse has changed from storage type to circulation type, that is, the warehouse has changed from the center of storing and keeping goods to the center of circulation and sales. The warehouse must not only have equipment to store and keep the goods, but also increase sorting, supporting, bundling, circulation processing, information processing and other facilities. In this way, it not only expands the business scope of the warehouse, improves the comprehensive utilization rate of materials, but also facilitates consumption and improves the quality of service. (5) The function of information transmission The above functions of the warehouse must be guaranteed by the information transmission of the warehouse. When Guangzhou Logistics handles various matters related to warehouse management, it needs timely and accurate warehouse information, such as the utilization level of the warehouse, the frequency of in and out of the warehouse, the transportation situation of the warehouse, the demand status of customers, and the deployment of warehouse personnel. With modern information technology equipment, it is possible to rely on computers and the Internet, through electronic data interchange (EDI) and form code technology, to improve the transmission speed of stored goods information, and complete order processing, inventory management, and storage management in a timely and accurate manner. , Picking operations, deployment and other tasks, and can realize information sharing.
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