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The future air how to do to improve export competitiveness

by:CNS     2020-08-02
The future air how to do to improve export competitiveness by air express is an important part of modern logistics, the offer is safe, quick, convenient and high quality service. With high efficiency and can provide comprehensive logistics service to the airport in reducing commodity production and operating costs, improve product quality, protect the ecological environment, accelerate the turnover of goods and so on will play an important role. Airlines cultivated an experienced, professional and dedicated staff, can provide professional and reliable for all kinds of special cargo transport scheme. Shanghai air freight company must be timely. Punctual shipment import and export goods, the goods shipped to the destination in time, the performance of the import and export trade contract, to meet the needs of the market competition of the commodity, improve the market competition ability, the timely settlement of exchange, has a great significance. In particular, some fresh goods, seasonal commodities and sensitivity, more rapid transport, time to organize the supply, just to improve the competitive ability of export commodities, to consolidate and expand the sales market. International express transportation, therefore, we must strengthen the concept of time, fight time, and speed, the faster to win. Air express transportation risk is bigger. Because in the international express transportation links, long transport distance, involved in the complicated and changeful, and combined with the timeliness and is very strong, in the transport along the way, the international situation changes, social unrest, all kinds of the occurrence of natural disasters and accidents, and war, blockade, embargo or piracy, may directly or indirectly affect the international express transportation, so that cause serious consequences, therefore, the risk of international express transportation is bigger. In order to pass on the risks in the process of transportation damage, all kinds of import and export goods and transport, all need to deal with transportation insurance.
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