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The global aviation industry on freight continuous '10 notches'

by:CNS     2020-08-17
Global aviation pressure continuous '10 notches' freight according to the international air transport association ( IATA) The latest global air transport data, in August 2019, the global air cargo demand dropped 3 compared with the same period in 2018. 9%. This is the longest since the global financial crisis in 2008 volumes consecutive decline. Compared with 3 global air passenger demand. The growth of 8%, higher than July. In August, cargo traffic increased by 2% and 16 consecutive months more than demand. 3 passenger traffic growth. 5%, load factors improve 0. By 3% to 85. 7%. 2019 will be the industry continue to profit in the first ten years, but due to the labor, fuel and overall infrastructure costs rising, margins are squeezed. Trade friction between China and the United States and some of the major economic indicators weakened and serious adverse effect of global political uncertainty. Continue to influence global air freight. Global trade volumes fell 1% year on year. Trade performance is lower than the developed countries, emerging countries and emerging economies, trade tensions, political turmoil, and the influence of the main emerging market currencies depreciated. Global export orders continue to fall, the global purchasing managers' index ( PMI) Remains bleak. A new manufacturing export orders, according to data since September 2018 orders have started to drop, all major trading nations order has dropped for two consecutive months. Iata, President and chief executive of Alexander & middot; DE & middot; Juniac ( Alexandre de Juniac) Said: & other; In August, the impact of sino-us trade friction on air freight. The cargo demand fell by 3. 9%. This is since the global financial crisis in the crisis of 2008. Demand for 10 months fell for the first time, this concern, trade friction has yet to see signs of easing, air cargo still faces many challenges. “ The trade friction between China and the United States intensified not only directly affect the global air cargo, also weighed on passenger Numbers. Although passenger demand picked up from the previous month in August, but growth is still lower than the long-term trend, well below the long-term trend. 2016 - In the first quarter of 2018, growth rate, About eight. 5%) That demand growth by some major market economies slow. British & other; Take off throughout Europe &; The uncertainty and the impact of sino-us trade friction. But the airline well adjusted load factor of capacity up to 85. 7%. Overall efficiency is improved. Airlines will continue to profit this year, the global airline industry in 2019 net profit is expected to reach $28 billion, says DE juniac, freight volume will reach 63. 1 million tons, the total passenger traffic will increase to 4. 6 billion.
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