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The goods across the province mostly by air Courier

by:CNS     2020-07-11
Across the province of goods mostly by air express only one year, air Courier giant UPS allowed to operate in mainland China express city is increased by 5 to 19. UPS is points & other; 5 + 2 + 12' Application, three batch approved in many cities except letters of domestic air express delivery business. Air express company for logistics supply chain to speed up the turnover of funds and the circulation activation played a great role. Each big air express company successively invest a lot of freight flights to divide the cake. But air relative sea cost is higher, higher demands for time. Air express is door-to-door delivery, cross-regional mostly by air Courier, by air Courier has its own plane, other express company are booked directly to the airlines to air, committed to build the best air express company in China. Air Courier 丨 ( /新闻)
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