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The international air freight

by:CNS     2020-05-09
One, the master air waybill, MAWB,主运单) All air waybill is issued by the carrier said waybill. It is air transportation company for transport of goods and delivery basis, which is the contract of carriage of the carrier and the consignor, each batch of air transport of goods has its own corresponding master air waybill. Second, the air waybill ( HAWB空运分提单) Focus to the shipper when handling the consolidation business issued by the air waybill is called the air waybill. In the case of consolidation, in addition to the air transport company issued by master air waybill, concentrated issued by shipper and air waybill. Aviation points waybill as focus between the shipper and the shipper of the contract of carriage of goods, the parties to the contract of goods A and B respectively and focus the shipper; The master air waybill, as a carrier and centralization of the shipper, the contract of carriage of goods between the parties for the shipper and the carrier. The shipper no direct contractual relationship with air transport company. Not only that, because of shipment cargo by focusing the shipper to deliver the goods air transport companies, at the destination by the shipper or its agent to extract the cargos from the carrier, and then handed over to the consignee, so the shipper and carrier and no direct cargo handover relationship. The air with its swiftness, safety. On time of the ultra high efficiency won considerable market, greatly shorten the delivery time, for the logistics supply chain to speed up the turnover of funds and the circulation activation played a great role. Major airlines have invest a lot of freight flights to divide the cake. But air relative sea cost is higher, for the time demand is high, the air freight cost ratio is about 1:10. Air freight inquiry eight elements: 1. Name ( Whether the dangerous goods) , 2. Weight ( Involving the charge) , volume ( The size and whether cargo) , 3. Packaging ( Wooden case, do you have any pallet) 4. Purpose airport ( Whether the basis points) , 5. Time ( Direct or diverted) And 6. Flight ( Each service and price differences) And 7. The bill of lading category ( The single and points) 8. Required for transportation services ( Customs, documents, agents whether customs clearance delivery, etc. ) Heavy cargo and cargo transported by air. 1 CBM = 167 kg compared with actual weight, volume weight which big according to which to collect fees, air cargo, of course, there was a little small secret, peer should all know, is not convenient to speak here. I don't understand the manufacturer can his own ideas. Structure many people can do air freight, air freight, you know how airlines air rates specific accounting out? A brief introduction, hope to be of help. Air freight price: ( I have another id hair conveniently used to) 1. Airfreight shipping ( Airlines charge) 2. Arg sur charge Fuel surcharge ( According to different price point airport, Hong Kong is now generally about $4, 3 before. 6, the highest 4 last year. 8, the price changed from airport, general to Asia is 2 pieces) 3. Security fee ( Hong Kong $1 / kg fixed fee) 4. Airport handling fee ( Tickets for HKD 283 / Hong Kong airport is responsible for delivery on a plane, etc. ) 5. Terminal charge: 1. 72 / kg when the goods to the banker, banker to take charge of things, such as playing board, ultimately in charge) airport 6. Master single fee: 15 / bl is out of the bill of lading fee HKD - - - - - - - - - - - - - The real right certificate.
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